DIY swimming-pool concrete

concrete pool first

fill the scarf-stone

Caution is required with the underwater headlights, so that the hose, which stands under water, is not damaged. Even if the wall is only 1.32 meters high, it is not enough to fill it without an under frame. When filling first two stages of the Roman stair are along-concreted.
After concreting, the cover and the corners of the swimming pool are put into the fresh concrete.

delifery the concrete fill the first swimming pool stairs concrete the romain stairs fill the pool wall with concrete concrete skimmer  concrtet stairs roman staisr ready concrete skimmer concreted concrete skimmer walls ready concreted concrete pool walls roman stairs in the swimming pool
Pictures : concrete the scarf stones and the roman stairs.

Plaster inground swimming pool

The walls, after filling the scarf stones, should be plastered twice. If the concrete and the stones are still damp, the finery binds work well. With basement walls that could be a problem, but the walls are open here to the fresh air so that everything dries well. The dry finery is hard like stone. The two finery layers were plastered. The water should not be located near the corner of the base plate.

first plaster underwater light plaster technology room first layer plaster plaster the swimming pool plastering plasering technology room plaster secounf layer plaster plaster chemical plaster pool wall watersave on the pool wall watersave on the swimming pool wall
plaster pool walls

The scarves of the concrete ring cover the technique area and remaining stages of the Roman stair.

When the upper edge of the pool and the water are exact, the edge of the pool is specially in-peeled. At the same time the cover of the technique area is close to everything. A problem is that the connections for the overflow and filling are exactly in the concrete cover. Thus the range must be specially in-peeled, so that it can be plastered. The height of the cover must be aligned now. With me plus 1cm for tile coating.
The intake nozzles are built into the highest stage. The intake nozzles possess extra caps, which are nailed from the inside to the formwork. Spread so that, when concreting, they do not separate.
Since the roofing will stand right-angled over the basins, the corners of the swimming pool, beside the Roman stairs, are also in-peeled. The steel mats are inserted diagonally, at the balcony, so they do not break down.

scarves of the concrete ring scarves of the concrete ring scarves of the concrete ring / under water light ready scarves of the concrete ring scarves the swimming pool scarves technology room
Wreath/ring for the edge of swimming pool

intake nozzles top intake nozzles intake nozzles intake nozzles intake nozzles on the scarves intake nozzles in the roman stairs roman stairs ready scarves
pictures: Last two stages and installation of the intake nozzles (above)

scarves the technology room scarvs the technology room by the swimming pool roof ready scarved Skimmer in the roof stand sin the technology room
Brick Technique area of swimming pool

stands in the swimming pool corner corner pool swimming pool under water light in the wreath
Conclusion for the swimming pool corner

Concrete for second (peripheral tie beam and/or pond edge and cover) and plastering.

Concrete the edge of pool, the last stages and the cover for the technique pit. For the wreath/ring and the cover I took C35 concrete. Safe is safe. The corner at the pool, which is open, is designed as such. That is, it runs from bottom to top into the corner. The arms in the corner are of 12 structural steel. Also the lattice mats run to the corner.
Over to the connections in the back of the Skimmer still goes diagonally upward, are left with a polystyrene cube, which one can remove later problem-free. The Skimmer gets over for instance 1cm, since the range is to be tiled.
Naturally one could have filled up the range around the inground pool and then the corner at the pool with concrete. With me the weather did not play well, since frost came already. Only the walls of the finery were dry, so I preferred concreting. If it is still autumn the external walls Should have a few sunny days.

pool roof corner iron in the pool roof steel on the technology roof concrete the roof
pictures: Tiles in the swimming pool corner and concreting the cover

concrete corner ready concrete ready concrete
Concrete ring at the pool

technology roof skimmer concreted corner pool romain stairs concrete roof view pool ready concreted pictures pool
Finally everything is finished concreting

first row roman stairs concreted scarves broken pictures concrete in the scarves
Unfortunately when filling the highest stage the formwork it sticks

Finish plastering the swimming pool and pool walls.

Smooth the edges at the basin so that the distributor lies concisely in the wall and the roofing will not seem inclined. Also the door was put in the technique area.

Finish plastering Finish plastering Finish plastering pool wall plastering door technology insert plastering corner

Video Clip concrete the swimming pool
Pool building Part 3 - 2:39


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