Planning and preparation for the base plate in the pool

Pipe dimensions with the pool construction

If you look around there are tables for tubes which give information for flow, cross section, etc. As standard dimensions 50 have turned out DA 63 and DA 72. DA 72 is real only for a gigantic swimming pool. Because the chain is only so strong as the weakest limb, my plan is:
DA 63 for all inlets and derivatives. Inlets up to the first piece DA 63, then it goes on with DA 50. The installation parts have almost everything DA 50 or threads. Moreover, I wanted to hold the inlet to the installation parts as shortly as possible, therefore, all tubes run by the base plate. Four ground finish nozzles and two wall finish nozzles for the surface cleaning. Thus I get by with max. 4 curves in the course of.

Installation parts in the inground swimming pool

1x ground expiry in the pool
2x Skimmer (with 20 cm of neck for the technology shaft)
4x ground finish
2x finish nozzles in the Roman stair
and of course 2x underwater floodlight, this is a must have.

Prepare the PVC tube

Extremely practical and very good; PVC-tube have proved itself to stick. With me, I carry 63 come for the inlets and DA 50 for the connections to the swimming pool. I use Tangit PVC U of handle as an adhesive and cleaner. Here are the data sheets. Tangit adhesive/cleaner. Who asks what blotting paper is: quite normal kitchen paper from the role. And axial is called: from the inside outward. On the data sheets, it is described rather well how the adherence and cleaning has to occur. As bristles for the paintbrush, China bristles (paintbrush with red mark in the clutch) are suited best of all. And the the beveled edges can be done very well with the side of a Flex. With the hand, polish would be a too expensive.
Quite importantly, find time and work cleanly. With lack of time or hectic rushing this work will certainly be condemned to fail. When done, rest on the workbench and not in or near the pool. Oh yes, the solvents are heavier than air, thus, you should not immediately throw the cleaning cloths into the washer. The tubes can be hard to put together without an adhesive. But if there is glue on both sides, this go together very well.

Sketch of swimming-pool installation

Sketch/drawing: Plan tubes in the swimming-pool
Sketch/drawing: Plan tubes in the swimming-pool


Tube in the base plate

Tube in the base plate Tube in the pool base plate Tube in the inground swimming pool construction the base plate Tube in the roman stair Tube in the roman stair
Pictures/photos: tube in the ground of the swimming-pool

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