Plans for swimming-pool.

Plans for pool construction in the garden.

Choose a place for the swimming pool.

Ideally, a south side of the lawn, far away from trees and close to water and electricity connections. But to allow the swimming pool appropriate space, one must adjust to the surroundings, they must also compromise with the pool construction. I decided to insert the washbasin in a slope below, so that it does not seem to bulky behind the house. It will not look beautiful if the roofing of the swimming pool blocks the view of the rest of the lawn. So that it is not too striking to the eye, a dark green roofing would be nice. Details can be found under pool roofing. Moreover, the trees keep with the pool construction to a certain extent.

While planning the design of the pool, the question arose: what about the washbasin? The following types are current:

Steel Wall Washbasins

Advantages: good price, easily constructed, finished well
Disadvantages: Side walls, additional expenditure with structure

Polyester washbasins (GRP swimming pool)

Advantages: to repair finished washbasin, short construction time
Disadvantages: difficult to repair the form of the washbasin, high carriage

Iso - stones

Advantages: easy to process, altogether lighter, possibly easy curvatures
Disadvantages: Plaster, not really water resistant, rather expensive.

Concrete pool completely from formwork

Advantages: solid, longer durability
Disadvantages: very luxurious (formwork), labor cost-intense

Swimming pools with scarf stones

Advantages: solid, can be built with mortar itself and the concrete can be condensed. Disadvantages: hard to carry, installation parts for swimming-pool must become polished.

My choice: scarf stones for the pool construction

I decided to use scarf stones to build the pool. A scarf stone costs (50x20x23) approximately 1.10 Euros (list price), an Isostein (100x25x25) 7.00 Euros, respectively. In addition, I get by with roughly 20 cm of wall each time. Isostein is 25 cm thick, this saves concrete. Moreover, the belaying of the walls is cancelled with the feeling. The technology shaft is established even more thinly, with 15 cm of scarf stones. Indeed, the installation parts from the stones must be polished, but I take this into a shop. I realize the walls generally with scarf stones, because where the Swimming pool in the stands.

Pool size

How Big should the pool become?

Width of the swimming pool

The size can be judged by practical terms. The foil is 2.10 meters wide, a little bit too narrow for a pool. With two roads (some overlapping), I have 4.05 pools, an interior measure. Because need/want roofing, it should be concise with the outside wall. In my case I have 4.50 meters outside. Fits perfectly. 450 cm of outer wall, (20 cm of wall + 4 cm of isolation) the outer-rail is 21 cm.
I plan the pool roofing on the wall for the following reasons: To can between swimming-pool roofing and a pool with closed roofing to go along, one needs approximately 1-1.5 meters of space that allows to considerable rise in expenses. I would have to prepare the subsoil at the side for the pool cover and fasten - more expenditure. Moreover, if one possibly lays on the left and on the right from the upper deck, it will look, at the time, different, because a part is protected under the upper deck. Thus, swimming-pool width inside 4.05 and outside 4.50 meters.

Designs the length of the inground pool

Practical proofs also fit. The length of the roofing and the end walls should end concisely on the pool walls. Thus I can drive the roofing a piece above the technology shaft. Because the front end is removable or able to open, it looks rather good. I excluded half of the terrace, so that during winter no color difference on the terrace can form.

Technology shaft behind the swimming pool

The length for the technology shaft in the pool arises from the pool width and I have fixed 1.50 meters as an inside measure. This should reach to move in it. Moreover, the technology space is laid nearly 50 cm deeper to be able to go directly to it.

Stair in the swimming-pool

For the design, I decided to have a concreted Roman stair / steps in the swimming pool. It simply looks better than one entrance leader and one can sit on her comfortably. In addition, this is again realized with scarf stones. The stair will be inside-lying because of the roofing.

Sketch and architect's plan for swimming-pool

Here is, for my pool construction, the architect's plan (incl. mass):

Sketch and architect's designs plan for inground swimming-pool
Sketch / drawing: Architect's plans for pool




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