Wood terrace with stone baskets *at work

Wood cover up the pool

Since the tendency for a wood deck to secure a stone giving ions uses.
Computation of stone giving ions:
Volume x 1.8 = needed quantity in tons. For the backfilling of the stone baskets I took stones with the granulation 70-120.
With my wall is the 3x π* (85cm/2) *1 meter height = 1,70m plus 2x 1m height * 2,5m length 50 cm depth = 1,25m = 2,95m * factor 1.8 = 5.31 tons thus 5.5 tons in a supply, very much dirt is rounded up there.
One has the choice between finishing and filling the stone baskets. The finished stones are machine-filled usually and are not as closely filled by hand and do not look as beautiful in comparison. In addition, these stones are viewed at the side.
It costs accordingly more by hand. Since the baskets cannot be shifted, do not assemble those baskets themselves and fill them by hand.

Underground stone basket

For the underground a completely normal frost casing with approximately 56-60 cm depth with 30' crushed stones are provided. In the frost casing a drainage pipe should be exhausted and left around the water. The underground should be taken off precisely and accurately, since complete alignment is impossible.

Digg Drainage drainage under the stone basket gravel bed with drainage  gravel bed for the stone basket terrace for the swimming pool
Preparation for the stone baskets

Strength stone basket

By having 100cm of height, that should be enough. There the baskets have the tendency to carry the strong baskets with 50cm. The straight sides with steel brackets hold too much, therefore not letting any fall. Three pieces in the center and two 50cm of the end pieces can be removed exactly the same way. Rows of the handles cause the pressure to more deeply be affected therefore they remain higher. The handles are properly matching. The bending are now bent, making points among the material to weaken problems that can arise and could later rust. The straight sides are perfectly aligned now, normal galvanized fence elements of 2.5 m should be chosen. The individual baskets are connected with steel spirals.

70-120 stones install stone basket stone basket connect the stone basket
Pictures: Wire basket filling

Fill the wire baskets

Since the baskets have the tendency to structuralize with 5% against the set tendency. One does not see the diagonal. After that the baskets are rather too abundant and too few are measured and remain horizontal in the water so the baskets are filled row for row. The elements should be filled not one at a time, otherwise it could lean there and could unevenly expand. With the roundness it is all the same.

stone basket half filled filling the stone basket stone basket ready full filled Drainage fpr the stone basket frontview stone basket stone baskte ready filled
Pictureres: Fill the wire baskets with stones

Wood cover


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