Special fittings for the swimming pool

Installation swimming pool accessory

Insert those special fittings into the walls of the swimming pool so that the water can be partly discharged in the winter. That is called the Skimmer. The counter current plant and the intake nozzles lay above the water. The underwater headlights should be roughly 10 cm underwater because of possible ice. Ice pressure cushions are needed none.

Insert swimming pool accessory
Sketch / design: The special fittings in the inground pool

DIY pool equipment

2x Skimmer for pool

The Skimmer should go into the technique room. The Skimmer is concreted with borders 4cm into the pool. The revision cover precisely matches with the edge. It is amazing when you first hold a skimmer in your hands.

Skimmer Skimmer Skimmer backside in the tecnology room Skimmer build in concrete Skimmer Skimmer conection Skimmer Skimmer installed
Pictures : Skimmer

Floor drain/ground intake in floor of swimming pool

The ground intake should be concise with the upper edge of the basin. The thickness does not have to be considered.

Floor drain/ground intake parts Floor drain/ground intake Floor drain/ground intake unarmoring pool
Pictures : drain/ground intake

installation counter current plant for the swimming-pool

The plant should be installed 30 cm under water so that in the winter the water level does not sink up to the headlights. Like the other swimming pool accessory the counter current plant is in-peeled and inserted 4cm deep.

Counter current system for the swimming-pool The plant installed Counter current plant  Counter current plant
Pictures : Counter current plant

Underwater headlights in pool

Two the 300 Watt placed 4.10 x 6.7 beneath surface far away from side panels (1.7 meters at least. The headlights are in-peeled 4cm into the pool. The distributor box stands in the water. The box is concreted concisely above the pond edge. Inlet is 2x 6mm . The swimming pool lighting will be under water during the winter.

underwater light in the pool underwater light frame underwater light in the pool underwater light in the pool underwater light electric underwater light electric
Pictures : Underwater headlights in pool

Intake nozzles in swimming pool

The pipe system runs along the wall of the inground pool. The nozzles are centric, so that the PVC pipes can be emptied easily during the winter.

swimming pool intake nozzles Intake nozzles Intake nozzles inlay Intake nozzles parts Intake nozzles top Intake nozzles in the romain stairs Intake nozzles concrete in the romain stairs
Pictures : Building of wall intake

Counter current system

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