Build pool with mortar

Build pool with scarf stones and mortar

Construct a strong wall (DIY)

The pool walls are bricked with 20's scarf stones, the walls at the technique pit and at the stairs with 15th scarf stones, the stages of the Roman stairs again with 20's stones. If the first row straight and aligned is, in the distance of a meter, for the vertical iron, holes are bored. Put reinforcing steel bars into each scarf stone row. Into the wall the holes for the special fittings reflect.
Construct a strong pool wall
Sketch / design

Supply the scarf stones for the swimming pool.

5 pallets of 20's scarf stones with 250 stones and 4 pallets, 15 scarf stones with 230 stones. When unloading, one should make certain that the stones are unloaded from their container. I carry the stones, saving always 2 pallets. 15 of the stones at the stairs and in the technique area. First, I have to take 100 of the stones, but 50 is ideal for moving. After the first 50 stones one notices the weight they have. 20 is 17 Kilos and 15 is 15 Kilos.

Supply the scarf stones Supply the scarf stones
Heavy Supplies

Straighten the first row of the swimming pool.

The first row becomes again, as with the base plate, drawn with the right angle (3, 4.5 meters). It could easily orient itself by the base plate, however, the walls must be accurate with the building of the swimming pool. With paving tiles, one would see the inclination during the roofing. Best mark before the stones are supplied, there is still one place. With the scarf stones one must pay attention that there is one on top and below. A side of the stones have a crease for the iron, which belongs upward. Unfortunately all of these creases are not open. After each row, use the flex to make sure the iron goes in well. The other side of the scarf stones is concise. In the 20 scarf stones a hole is bored after the first row after every meter for the vertical irons - about 10 cm deeply, not through the entire bottom disk. With the 15 stones one does not drill between the stones so they must be bored previously. Within the 20 scarf stones, there are 10 scarf stones per area, 6 normal scarf stones, two end stones and two divisible stones. In a wall strength of 25 cm, this would be a fine thing in order to wall up the corners. At 20cm, unfortunately, only the Flex helps. With the 15's, only 5 end stones should be used. 

scarf stones for the swimming pool vertical irons in the scarf stones first row scarf stones for the swimming pool scarf stones for the swimming pool
First row of the swimming pool

Technology room at the pool

The walls of the technology room are walled up with 15 scarf stones. Because 50 cm of the stones compare to the height of 22 cm a problem arises. Therefore, the room cannot be walled up with the basin. The irons are bored through the basin wall. Someone should wall up the first two rows with 25cm high stones. An 80x120 door can be incorporated to the technology room. A 1cm opening should be to the left and right and a 5mm space above and below. So no water runs into the shaft, it is best to be incorporated. A gap should be placed into the wall (100 pipe) for water and derivation, current and sewage, with easy descent outward. Next to the empty pipe, two empty pipes are for the floodlights, that come out of the wall. A box for a roll cover was going to be incorporated into the technology, however, the expense would be too large.

iron through the wall build the Technology room / pool door Technology room inground swimming pool Technology room Swimming pool Technology room tube for empty the pool door Technology room Technology room Pool Technology room
Brick technology room for swimming pool

Brick remaining rows of the swimming pool

Each row should have an iron layer thoroughly overlapping the corners. The top wall of the individual rows is placed easily. The stones should not be pasted, because my stones are higher than required. The remaining 18 cm to the pond edge are in-peeled and filled with concrete. First I considered to take 25cm stones in order to get the height of 1.50 meters in the pool. But unevenness in the ground offset their balance. In the front a row should remain free, so I can place the intake nozzles and move them later.

iron layer in the wall last row of the pool wall last row of the inground pool construction last row of the pool wall last row of the pool wall construction last row of the pool wall half time / pool wall last row for the romain stair Pool wall ready
Top wall of the remaining rows

Special fittings in walls

Such special fittings for pools are descriptive, are arranged so that, during the winter, the height of the water level lies between counter current and underwater headlight. The frame of the special fittings serves for the isolation inside (4cm). Since the counter current plant only scarcely reaches past the wall, I inserted polystyrene on the back, so the connections are not filled with concrete.

Special fittings in walls Special fittings in walls Special fittings in walls Special fittings in walls / Backside Special fittings in walls
Incorporate accessories into the walls

Roman stairway

see to Roman stairway


250 (5 pallets) scarf stones 500x20x22
230 (4 pallets) scarf stones 500x15x22
1 clamping fall of 1.25 meters (above the door)
38 poles = 7.00 meter

Video Clip Build pool with scarf stones and mortar
Pool building Part 2 - 2:35


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